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Hair Removal – Waxing

At our salons we offer different types of wax treatments to our clients, hot wax, Halawa wax and fruit wax.

We are using pre wax lotion before application and after wax after application to ensure the hygienic practice in our salon.

Our staffs are experts in all waxing treatments and will ensure you have a fast and painless experience. And we are happy to discuss the options available to help you choose the most suitable for you.

Waxing Hair Service.


·         Eyebrow (both eyebrows, including in-between)

·         Lip (skin right above upper lip)

·         Sides of Face (side burn area)

·         Chin


·         Underarms

·         Chest

·         Shoulders

·         Full Arm (wrist to shoulder- both arms)

·         Half Arm (wrist to elbow or elbow to shoulder- both arms)

·         Back

·         Bikini

·         Brazilian Bikini

·         Half Leg (ankle to knee or knee to thighs, not including bikini- both legs)

·         Full Leg (ankle to thighs, not including bikini- both legs)



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