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Twice a month every woman must do Moroccan bath: It’s relaxing, refreshing and purifying.

What could a woman need after a long and tiring week of work assignments and home chores? The most relaxing and comfortable way for women to pamper themselves after an exhaustive week is a Moroccan steam bath followed by a relaxing massage.

The Moroccan bath, known in Arabic simply as hammam is a tradition spread across the Middle East. It has also been known as the must-do ritual before a girl gets married.  Moroccan bath serves various purposes. “The Moroccan bath is done to clean, whiten and soften the skin,” it also helps to relax and helps blood circulation, the veins and joints in the body. It also releases all the pain from the body and the stress of the whole
working week.

The Moroccan bath is quite a big room where two can be seated. “The room is always humid and wet even if the pipes are not on, it’s slightly dark inside to make you feel more relaxed and sleepy.

Rachels Ladies Salon does Moroccan baths for women only. Many customers, who come and ask for Moroccan bath especially on the weekends because they want to feel relaxed, refreshed and energetic for the new week, she says.

Firstly, customers have to wear some sort of bikinis as they cannot go into the Moroccan bath naked. “Then the steam pipe is on and when the bath is full with steam, the woman stays inside for around 10 to 15 minutes.

Next, the customer is seated on a special ceramic bench waiting for the body pores to open from the steam. This is the zenith moment when the soap starts to work, and cleans and softens the whole skin.

Having finished with the bath the next step, which customers prefer, is a relaxing massage. It is still very important and gives a real different feeling and sensation. Some customers go only for the Moroccan bath, while others take the whole package of the bath with the massage. The massage is done after 20 minutes from the bath in order to give effective results.

“The Moroccan bath takes 40 minutes and the massage around takes another 35-40 minutes.

Note:” Advised all women to take this Moroccan bath twice a month to keep them all the time relaxed. “..Because even with the regular everyday shower the skin still needs to be cleaned in a more professional way. Total cleanliness is only achieved through a session of Moroccan steam bath as it works on a deeper skin level”.   Book your appointments now at Rachels Ladies Salon.